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Fire Sprinkler

Hollywood Water Damage is a leader in the industry when it comes to installation of fire sprinkler systems. We are also a household name in fire sprinklers design, development, inspection, repair and follow-up services. Having served thousands of customers for over ten years, the learning curve of our team has become steeper.

We are set out on the mission to protect lives and properties from fire damages. To achieve this mission, we offer you an out of the box approach to fire suppression and containment via fire sprinklers.

Fire Sprinkler Design And Installation

Hollywood Water Damage has years of experience in designing and developing fire sprinklers as per needs and requirements of customers and their facilities. We keep your affordability and time in mind while designing your sprinkler system. With us, you will get the benefits of an excellent fusion of managerial and technical competencies that is critical to development of high quality and effective fire sprinkler system.

At Hollywood Water Damage, our technicians have extensive experience in the provision of fast, reliable and high quality fire sprinkler installation services. Even better, our technical staff members hold special certifications in fire sprinkler systems. We would carefully test the system before and after installation to make sure that you are getting value for your investment. Our quality assurance team would make sure that your insurance company and building officials are also satisfied with the installed system.

Advantages Of Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinkler systems come with greater advantages for you. They can help reduce potential fire damages to properties and lives. According to figures provided by the National Fire Protection Association, fire induced damages to businesses equipped with fire sprinklers were sixty percent less than those without fire sprinklers. This implies that fire sprinkler systems can help reduce damages considerably. Moreover, your fire insurance claim would be processed quickly if you have a proper fire sprinkler system installed in your home or business facility.

Why Us?

At Hollywood Water Damage, we go way out to ensure safety of lives and properties. We strongly hold to the belief that proper planning is directly proportional to success; therefore, our sprinkler systems design and installation team works in coordination to deliver you the best sprinkler system. We also use 3D modeling to ensure successful design, development and installation.

We are highly experienced in both residential and commercial fire sprinkler systems design and installation. We understand that installation of fire sprinkler systems is not the end, so we also offer you follow-up, repair and maintenance and inspection services. We follow the industry standards and benchmarks to make sure that you get the best. Our team of professionals would document their findings and actions taken during follow ups, so your insurance claim in case of a potential fire can be swiftly processed.

Hollywood Water Damage has full expertise in fire protection requirement and codes. We use our knowledge throughout the process that starts with concept to final testing and follow-ups.

Contact Us

If you are looking for a trusted name in the fire sprinkler systems industry, you can rely on the experience and expertise of Hollywood Water Damage. Contact us now at (323)-366-9334 to know more about our services.