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After going through a rough fire incident, you will probably be thinking of abandoning your property and moving out. However, it is not the right thing to do. For one thing you live in Hollywood! The most amazing city in the world. And secondly, if your house can be reconditioned just as before, why make the tough choice of finding a new place when you already have one. Hollywood fire damage restoration is in your city to help you with fire damage repair. Remember, you are stronger than the fire. So beat the mess it created for you and live! Let Hollywood Fire Damage help you recondition your house.

What Is Smoke Fire Made Up of?

The fire will fuel up with the burning of synthetic material which can result in toxic fumes spreading in the house and across the neighborhood. Plastics, textiles, foam, carpets, furniture and asbestos containing material will produce a thick film of soot that will not only be difficult to clean but a little mishandling during the inspection can prove to be fatal for some people. So make sure you always use personal hygiene barriers while handling fire and smoke residues.

How to Protect Yourself from Fire and Smoke Hazards?

  • Wear safety glasses and gloves
  • Wear special breathing masks like N95 or CBRN so small particles of smoke and soot do not pass down your respiratory tract
  • Use chemical hood during the conservation work in the house. It helps to exhaust fumes from the house
  • Do not eat or drink anywhere near restoration work otherwise soot will contaminate your food
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after you remove gloves off of your hands
  • Stay informed about all the restoration work under progress so your fire damage restoration contractor can’t compromise on quality.

Hollywood Fife Damage Is the Right Choice!

There is a lot you have to take care of. Stay with your family and be supportive while we take care of your major concern, i.e. house restoration. We provide you with a number of services that will quickly make your house habitable. it will be like living at a place where no fire incident ever occurs. Our key services include

  • 27/7 emergency call
  • 30 min onsite response
  • Up-to-date certificates in in fire damage restoration
  • IICRC trained technicians
  • Quality assurance at Affordable packages
  • State of the art restoration equipment
  • Insurance billing policy

Hollywood Fire Damage executes cleanup plan efficiently. We will try to repair most of the things that look completely damaged and useless. we will keep undamaged household good safe so you can trust us.

To know more about our clean up techniques and procedure, call us at (323) 366-9334 We are located at Los Angeles, CA 90028 90028.


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